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Grace and Peace in Christ,

Well, this is my first tepid attempt to post a blog entry.  I know I’m behind the times but I’ve been accused of that before.  I will try to post an entry every couple of weeks or so to keep you updated on the ministry and to offer comments on various issues as they arise or are brought to my attention (usually the latter).

At any rate, as some may know I have been on a much needed sabbatical this year.  I have been travelling non-stop for six years now and was in desperate need of a rest both physically and spiritually.  I was married to a wonderful lady just over a year ago and having time with her at home without the constant travel has been a really good thing.  God has blessed me and has pruned me in ways that just one year ago I truly could not have imagined.  There was much pruning to do. The down time has also given me a chance for more study both in Word-Faith issues and others as well which has been most welcome. 

Though on sabbatical, I have still done a little bit of teaching here and there.  The most notable trip was one I took to Ecuador the first week of August.  I was contacted by a missionary who said that the native Quichua (pronounced kee-chu-wa) pastors needed help in biblically refuting the Prosperity gospel.  It is ravaging churches in Ecuador just as it is here in the States.  There were about 75 or so pastors and seminary students from all over Ecuador who attended the seminar.  I, along with pastor Jerry Starnes from Arkansas, taught.  Though we had to teach through a translator, the men received the teaching eagerly and all seemed to take copious notes.  They seemed so very grateful for the material and were truly hungry for truth.  Poverty there was rampant but their love for Christ was so obvious.  It was a very humbling trip for me on many levels.  The trip was just as much for me as it was for them.

We had our first real cold front come through about 10 days or so ago.  The 100-110 degree heat was finally broken and brought welcome relief.  It is still bone dry, however, and many farmers are suffering.  This has truly been a summer for the books – the hottest , driest one of my lifetime for sure.  If Gloria Copeland can really control the weather as she claims, I sure wish she would talk up some rain.

Speaking of Gloria Copeland, my wife and I attended part of a large Word-Faith convention recently in Fort Worth.  Words can never describe just how troubling it was.  The Gospel was twisted and misrepresented.  Jerry Savelle and Jesse Duplantis bragged about their wealth and private jets – can’t get by with just one ya know.  Gloria Copeland taught her “Healing School” but to be able to read her favorite out-of-context verses on healing she first had to don her eyeglasses.  I never cease to be amazed how the thousands in attendance don’t seem to notice the obvious disconnects between Word-Faith theology and its everyday application – or lack thereof.  Every person who entered the convention in a wheelchair, with a sick child, blind, etc. left in the same wheelchair, with the same sick child, with the same blindness.  I may write more on this experience in my next post.

In the meantime, I continue to study, research, and am doing some writing.  Your prayers are very much appreciated.  If I can be of service in any way, please do let me know.  I will post again soon.

Blessing to all,


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  • Russell Barton says:

    Hello Justin,

    My mother had brought us to a Word of Faith Church in the 1980’s and they had purchased a satelliate so we could watch Robert Tilton. My mother was disabled for most of her life and while I at first bought into the teaching, but as time went on and I went overseas in the Military, I turned away from that teaching-thanks to the Holy spirit. I could not find verses that supported what they preached!

    I came home to find my mother placed all her jewlery in a plastic bag and she was sending it to Mr. Tilton. I told my mom it was wrong and she didn’t need to send her jewlrey anywhere. I asked her to show were in scripture Jesus took back anyone’s healing for lack of faith?

    I have finsihed reading the new testament from beginning to end and what I really saw was the bible teaching us we are to suffer on this earth and he will be with us and never forsake us. If everyone was meant to be healed and rich, who wouldn’t believe in the lord? Like Job, we can glorify God by our faith while suffering and affliction face us.

    I also never understood how if your sick, you are supposed to say it is just a sympton and your not really sick?-it actually is lying, if you have a fever-you have a fever. I pray daily for the flock to read the word of God and find out for themnselves the truth about this false gospel.

    Also, watchign Mr. Dollar call us little gods and dancing on money on the alter is jsut too much. I believe these false teachers would be considered money changers in the temple that angered the Lord so.

    Thank you and the Lord for helping getting the tuth about these false teachers.

  • “I never cease to be amazed how the thousands in attendance don’t seem to notice the obvious disconnects between Word-Faith theology and its everyday application – or lack thereof. Every person who entered the convention in a wheelchair, with a sick child, blind, etc. left in the same wheelchair, with the same sick child, with the same blindness”

    I’ve seen this over and over again and found it both puzzling and troubling. I watched, eagerly waiting for the sickest of the sick to be healed but they all left still sick, including my own autistic children. All those that walked away healed seemed to have issues one could not see. How could that be? I can say it pained me on every level…

  • Kimberly Murphy says:

    Justin, as a fellow Mississippi “cripple girl” (spinal cancer and stroke) now toiling in our Nation’s Capital, I 100% sympathize with the lamenting of hot dry summers. Those of us dealing with the hurricanes and torrential rains on the East Coast would like Gloria to maybe tell some of that stuff to give the south a bit of relief, too.

    Your ministry is an intense blessing to me; I was saved from WoF by the amazing work of people like you, Todd Friel, and others in the true Christian community. God Bless you and your wife in your continued life together and in your continued ministry.

  • Joan Gadbois says:

    I am so happy to have found out about your site. I live in SD and have added you to my list of teachers. It has been wonderful to pour over the Word and trust in the best teacher to lead me into all truth- The Holy Spirit I have been attending a church that is not staying on the straight and narrow. There is a small group of us that are meeting on Sunday nights. It is crazy how difficult it is to find a church that teaches the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth! Have you written or spoke on the Apostolic Movement, IHOP, Rick Warren, Stearns, the Social Gospel, Bill Johnson and croonies—-soooo many and the dots keep connecting. Bill Johnson teachings have made their way into the church I’ve attended for yrs–also Richard Foster’s Renovare mvt. and of course Rick Warren’s purpose driven agenda. Judgement begins in the house of God–we are praying for eyes to be opened.

  • Joseph M. Butler says:

    I was unaware of Justin Peters until recently when I watched an Eric Barger video interview with Justin on Eric’s Take a Stand Ministries website. I am so happy to find another minister who can and does practice discernment and so obviously is led by the Spirit of God in his life and ministry. I was saved at age 12 or so, but strayed away far too much of my life. But even while living an immoral life, when I would see certain “preachers” on TV, even back in the 70’s with the PTL club, I would feel an intense dislike at best, and sometimes anger, at some of these health and wealth “ministers”, including Robert Tilton, who were so transparently unbiblical in their teachings and who for the most part, were simply charlatans, in my laymen’s opinion. There were and are many others, living and dead. The first time I saw the Copelands on TV, I had the same feeling, then Benny Hinn and others. I did not know enough Holy Scripture to even begin to be able to rebut these false teachers properly, but I knew they were wrong and leading people astray form the Truth. I should not feel anger toward these people and try not to. I pray that they become convicted of their false teaching and repent. I am now trying to live a Godly life, studying the Scriptures prayerfully,and yielding myself to God’s plan for me. I admire persons such as Justin and others who can counter these false teachings with the Truth from the Scriptures and do so in brotherly, Christian love. I want to add Justin Peters as one of my teachers, along with Eric Barger, The Lamb and Lion Ministry, The Olive Tree Ministry, and others who desire to follow the Lord and who have the knowledge and courage to speak and tell the Truth. I have so much to learn, and at age 64, pray I have the time to learn a lot more. Thank you and God bless your ministry.

  • debbie barnes says:

    Hi Justin! very glad to hear that you and your new wife have finally taken some well deserved vacation! I pray always for your ministry since the Holy Spirit used you to open my eyes and ears to the WOF movement about 6 or 7 months ago when I was so blinded by them and not in the word of God enough to discern what they were teaching at the time! I thank the Almighty for leading me to you on the radio and then on the internet to your videos for the rest of the truth that week, when I was totally cleansed from all the lies and brought into the light. Halleluyah! I will never be able to thank you enough for being there at the right time in my life because of the power of the Holy Spirit! Therefore you will forever have my prayers Justin, because God used you to set me back on the straight and narrow path!

  • Alan says:

    Hello Justin,

    It is good to see you are visable again. (by faith…not by site) sorry…couldn’t help it.

    Anyhow, my wife and I just received a call last night and so as not to disclose too much. It was someone from the Wof church we use to attend and they was reporting how much divorce had been occuring for some time and from those who were in leadership. They expected blessings would come financial and physical and when they didn’t in the middle of their own personal family tradegy were told it was their fault. Most of this is praying on those who think these things can be changed by commanding, speaking, confessing things are not as though they were. Moreover, they are told their faith is lacking and by not confessing the truth (how bad things are and how much they need help) they say nothing so as NOT to seem like their words are negative.

    They confess Deut 28 like it’s a magic incantation!…Except verse 1!

    Gotta go…will speak to you later.
    May God strengthen you and keep you and you wife save and in His service.

  • Frank says:

    Hi Justin,
    I hope this is the right page to ask you a question. My whole life has been Pentecostal and Church of God teachings. I have to say for the most part they always stayed with the exact Bible teachings. However, On a program tonight you mentioned about Gloria Copeland taking control of the weather. I know what she is saying. According to the scriptures, Jesus gave us authority in his name to cast out demons, heal the sick… etc. This is prob what she means by the statements. My question to you is: Are you saying we do not have any dominion or authority using the name of Jesus as our authority ? Also, I did hear Todd Friel tonight on Wretched say that we should not speak to the devil. I know the scriptures clearly say that Jesus rebuked the devil. Over-all, I guess I am saying that Jesus promised the Aposteles that they would the same things as he did and even greater. It feels like your saying the Bible reads like a “good book’ but doesn,t really offer any real true comfort. Honestly, I try not to watch to many t.v eveangelist because of this very thing.

  • Deborah says:

    I recently heard a Baptist minister end his sermon (based on Rick Warren’s book “Forty Days of Love”) with this phrase “our words last forever.” When questioned, he states that his scriptural reference is Matthew 12:36 “But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

    Does this scripture mean that a person’s words live forever? I thought that only God’s Word lasts forever!

    Your response and comments will be gratefully appreciated!

  • Bill Lonas says:

    Dear brother,

    Thank you for your excellent ministry and faithful service to our Lord Jesus and His Gospel of Grace.

    I had not even heard of you or your ministry until about two weeks ago when I came across your video seminar called A Call For Discernment. I believe it was through a Wretched video with Todd Friel. I saw a two or three minute clip with you on it and then quickly began doing some searching for more about you and your ministry.

    And I was hooked. It seems that trying to find faithful preachers of God’s Word is becoming more and more difficult these days – but there are still some, like you, out there. Praise God!

    I watched all of the A Call For Discernment seminar and my spirit was refreshed through the clear biblical truth presented.

    May God continue to bless you, your wife and your ministry as you faithfully serve Him.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Bill Lonas

  • S Bowman says:

    Your teaching of the truth of the Gospel causes me to exclaim, “Yes!” Thank your for your courage and obedience to our Lord in exposing the false teaching that is spreading through the Body of Christ, and misleading those seeking salvation. I am grateful for my church and the sound teaching I receive there. Your teaching gave me additional, much needed clarification and explanation that was so easy to understand about the Word of Faith movement. Now I get it and want to be pro-active in supporting my church leaders as they strive to maintain the purity of the Word. Yours in Christ. S.

  • andre says:
    BEWARE of Faulty Doctrine!

    Hey Justin, please watch this video and share it as you have more influence then I do! I am sure you agree with it’s message!

    P.S. By the way, I have recommended your series “A call for Discernment” at the end of the video!



  • Jacqui says:

    Dear Justin,
    Thank you so very much for being obedient to follow this ministry through and share the Truth. I came across you on Jan Markel’s podcast 6 months ago and was immediately blessed, you were able to unpack into words through scripture, all the things my husband and I have been coming out of in the WoF movement in the past few years.

    I met the Lord in a beautiful way through His word back in ’97, and shortly after my husband came to the Lord also. We were so hungry for the word we walked into the first church we came across and just assumed every church was the same, duh! Bang went the next 7 years! Finally coming out from there took 2 years all up, it was a slow, painful, backwards and forwards, manipulating, depressing, threatening, isolating experience. We were left excommunicated and wondering if we were still saved having ‘touched God’s anointed’ i.e. spoken up against the leaders. Our friends and family were gone overnight. We were demonised, out of God’s will, sowers of strife, under the curse, and especially OFFENDED.

    Thanks be to Jesus and the mercy of our loving Father who brought us out and has healed our hearts. It’s been a long road but nothing is wasted, and now we can also talk and share the journey so as to help others, those that will listen. We’re learning to trust again and be in community, but trust with discernment, not blind devotion. Your ministry has been pivotal in our learning and healing process.

    God bless you Justin and your wife in your new journey together in God. Blessings , peace and joy in his love forevermore.

  • Gabrielle Holson says:

    I was wondering if you could give me more info on Bill Johnson and his school of ministery. I’ve read Bill believe’s Jesus had to be born again and that when Jesus went down to hell to get the keys of hell away from satan he was being punished. I read an article and saw a picture of second year students from bethel praying over and “soaking up the spirit” off of people’s graves. I know people that went to the school for the first year and they’ve come back different, they’re more defensive and all they want to do is go to conferences and meetings of bethel speakers. They also get too excited talking about the people leading worship at Bethel, which I enjoy good music but I usually go on and on about a song ,not the worship leader singing it. They(Bethel) are also flooding my church and Nerbaska,and a bunch of people have been influenced by them already…oh and I’ve also heard and seen videos about angel feathers and gold dust appearing at bethel meetings. None of this is godly and makes any sense to me how this is of God. For one thing angels are not meant to be praised and we mean more to God than gold or silver so why would He use those two things as signs to us? They dabble too much in signs and wonders and teens are talking about how much they love bing “drunk” in the spirit.

  • Rhonda Williams says:

    Hello Justin,

    I too have been helped so much by your ministry. I am so thankful that you have these WOF people on video saying the things that they say, for I always heard of these things (unscriptural teachings) but never actually seen them speak it with my own eyes (because I did not watch them on television). Now, thanks to you we now can say to others, “I have seen them on video saying these unbiblical things, so you cannot tell me that it is not true!”. I learned of you through Christian Worldview Network with Brannon Howse and eagerly await each time that you are speaking with him on his radio program.
    Thank you Justin for your excellent demeanor and Christian love that you show as you are exposing these false teachers. I so appreciate the fact that although these people are being exposed for who they really are, you do so in a Christ-like manner. Thank you for your excellence!

  • Hi Justin and all my fellow contributors

    I run a watchman site called LAST DAYS WATCHMAN

    On that site I primarily focus on exposing the Christian Organisations which are the causes of apostasy within the 21st Century church, especially those which have Roman ecumenical (even ALL faiths) and/or new age links. I addressed the issues of “dominion theology” which is the cause behind much of apostate Christianity in the 21st Century.

    I am not writing this to advertise my blog. I am just laying the groundwork to introduce my purpose of writing. I am seeking answers to questions which some of my contributors have asked me. I have searched the internet thoroughly, but cannot find answers to SPECIFIC questions. Maybe some of you can help me?

    Anyway, I was asked to investigate the newest fad which is taking Christianity by storm. The last paradigm shift was the “emerging church” which was a call for Christians to return to vintage (Roman Catholic style) Christianity. NOW there is the NEW CALVINISM aka new reformation.

    I am actually quite confused by this because BOTH of these “emerging” and “new Calvinism” follow “dominionism”. One of the biggest names behind New Calvinism is John Piper who is also part of the Catholic infiltrated Lausanne Movement. I listened to a video of John Piper in which he explained how to pray for muslims at an “ecumenical” meeting. I ask, why is a “calvinist” participating in all faiths ecumenical gatherings?

    What confuses me is that the Reformation took place in the 16th Century as a protest against the “works” theology of the Catholic church. The BIG emphasis of the reformation was GRACE and the sovereignty of God. At the time of the Reformation the Bible became available to the common man and therefore the Catholic church’s false teachings were exposed.

    But when I look at the New Calvinist movement I find it to be very ecumenical all inclusive with Catholics. I investigated further into the history books to see that Calvin was actually still very brainwashed into Catholic thinking and was a great supporter of the Catholic theologians like Augustin. In fact, Arminianism was also caught up in old Catholic teaching too, in fact some say he became a Jesuit to bring back Catholic influence to the global church by bringing back “works” theology. It was during the early days of the reformation that the Jesuits came on the scene to bring about (as swiftly as possible) a COUNTER Reformation.

    Also consider that the Bible was new to the common man of that time. The calvinists were only just learning about the LOST truths as found in the Bible. Therefore, Calvinism still carries much of old Catholic ideas. Hyper Calvinism is as much “works” theology as is Arminianism. Although Calvinism carries a lot of truth about God’s sovereign GRACE it also carries some false teaching. This false teaching has been corrected over the last 400 years as more and more of the truths in scripture have been revealed to us all.

    Therefore, am I correct to assume that New Calvinism is actually a similar movement to emerging Christianity seeking to bring us all back captive to Rome? It seems that this new movement is a disguised reformation movement but is ACTUALLY a Catholic ecumenical COUNTER reformation movement.

    Can anybody confirm my conclusions or give me newer light on this?

  • Following on from my last comment:

    There seems to be a lot of controversy these days regarding Lordship Salvation (LS). Those active critics say that teachers like John McArthur are teaching that you cannot be born-again UNTIL you make Jesus Lord of your life. They say he teaches that receiving Jesus as Saviour through faith is not enough, you need to surrender everything to Jesus. Is he really teaching that? Or are those critics using straw man arguments?

    These critics say that the word “repentance” in its Greek original meaning simply means “changing your mind” and does not mean “turning away from sin”.

    If they are correct about LS then I would have to admit that it is unscriptural and would lead to “works” because I would have to do the “works” first before I can be saved. I have actually been called a LS follower because of something I have said on my blog. I don’t actually know what the LS theology is. Please let me know whether those who do the labelling of “LS” are correct or not.

    These critics will not even publish my responses to their criticism on their blogs, so I cannot defend myself. Anyway, this is what I wrote. Please let me know if I have got it correct:

    “Hi Everyone

    I have read everything here and can see the points you are making. However, I notice that no-one mentioned the following passage of scripture.

    “yet now I am happy, not because you were made sorry, but because your sorrow led you to repentance. For you became sorrowful as God intended and so were not harmed in any way by us. Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death. See what this godly sorrow has produced in you: what earnestness, what eagerness to clear yourselves, what indignation, what alarm, what longing, what concern, what readiness to see justice done.” 2 Cor 7:9-11

    The key words were “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation”

    When I consider the context of the passage, it IS in regard to believers (not the unsaved). However, scripture often adds a GENERAL piece of teaching (within the specific part) which can be generally applied to all people, such as “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation”.

    If repentance means a change of mind, that text could say “Godly sorrow brings about a change of mind which leads to salvation”. Therefore, true repentance is not possible without first having “Godly sorrow” about sin. Granted it does not mention a “turning from sin” but it DOES require a Godly sorrow.

    Therefore, true repentance is stimulated by GODLY sorrow for sin and a recognition that salvation can be found in no-one else except Jesus..

    There surely must come a time in a sinners life when they realise they need salvation from their sin. They learn about the sacrifice Jesus made for their sin and then need to place their faith upon Jesus as the only one who can save them from their sin and bring them into the presence of God.

    I believe that this whole process is led and directed by the Holy Spirit who “convicts the world regarding righteousness, sin and judgement”. The Holy Spirit leads a sinner to repentance (which includes a Godly sorrow for sin) and faith in Jesus.

    I then ask you: how does a person become “born-again” or become born as a child of God?

    Paul stated that we have become “a new creation in Christ Jesus, all things old have passed away, all things now become new” and “it is no longer I that live but Christ who lives in me”. How can that happen if all they have done is accepted Jesus mentally? Surely we ALL need to receive Jesus into our hearts in order to be born-again? I am not talking about making Jesus Lord of our lives, but simply receiving Him into our hearts. Lordship comes later through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit and is NOT dependant on our salvation. This is what I currently believe.

    Please understand, I am not pushing my view. I am actually asking for your explanation. If I have got any of it wrong, I am very happy to be corrected – only I need to be persuaded by clear scriptural evidence.

    Thanks and God bless”

    Now, why wouldn’t they publish that? I cannot think of any reason. This is the url I am referring to:

  • Joyce Cughan says:

    I have heard you first with Brannon Howse on Worldview Weekend – and have enjoyed your ministry so much. I tape them so I can see them in my time –and
    watch them more than once to learn it all. I was surprised about the information you gave on Jehovah – and Yahweh. I use the Holeman Bible – so it uses Yahweh – and never Jehovah. But I had learned
    the names of God….i.e. Jehovah Tsidkenu, etc. What it be correct to say
    Yahweh Tsidkenu, etc???

  • Roderick D. says:

    Praise be to God.

    I once was wrapped around and embraced the WOF movement myself from 1987-2003. Many things never sat well with me that I heard come across the pulpit, but I wanted those things I heard to be true, especially since it was coming from a close family member and his ministry. I fell for it all, hook, line, and sinker. I purchased the sermon tapes from most of the major mainstream WOF ministries. I read and listened to the tapes constantly until it permeated my soul. It wasn’t until my uncle had starting preaching about a miracle juice that we all should be involved in that a light bulb went off in my head. I clearly knew better and when I questioned this practice and the miracle drink, my family said I was in “The name of the – Juice denial”. I knew without a doubt that the marketing Multi-Level-Marketing in the church was not proper, let alone MLM itself. I had fallen victim several years earlier to that deception. Oddly enough I could recognize MLM being wrong, but not the WOF doctrine while I sat underneath it. I set out over a period of 6-8 months to gather facts to disprove MLM and give the results to my uncle who was allowing this in the church and across the pulpit. Little did I know that while I was researching about MLM, that God was showing me something else. He showed me the many parallels between the WOF movement and Multi-Level-Marketing. Or how the top on the ladder (Prosperity Preachers) got richer and the poor got poorer from their giving to the Ministry/Preacher in hopes of reaping a harvest. Just as a MLM leader says buy into this program and you too can be wealthy without doing a thing, you only need to get 6 people under you who do the same and presto….magic…you are rich. All the while, the Distributors (those that buy into the program) are the consumers and don’t even know it. Buy this audio/video tape and use these scriptures and principles to get gain! And the money always makes its way to the top (the preachers) and the poor and needed are fleeced of all they have and are left with (product) shelves of books/tapes and DVD’s.
    After my research was complete and showed many questionable practices, which included several news clips and such about WOF and MLM and the like, I placed my findings in a packet on my uncles door step and left that ministry never to return unless Jesus was preached and him only. Sadly things have not changed to this date and many hurting, broke and sincere people remained trapped there. The miracle juice has come and gone only to be repackaged into something else. Please pray for all those ensnared by this false teaching across the world, that the scales may fall from their eyes that keeps them bound.
    Justins DVD series “A Call for Discernment” series is both revealing, uplifting and a way to share the truth to a loved one that may be caught up in the mess of WOF. Coming out of the movement, it is hard for me to not get emotional when trying to expose this to a close friend or relative, and thus Justins DVD make a perfect fit from a “third party view”.
    Glory and Honor to our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Ross Clark says:

    Hi Justin – I have watched your Call to Discernment series on DVD and recently again on Youtube. Well-done.

    My background is in the Vineyard movement, and I’m part of a Vineyard Church. John Wimber was certainly not WoF, but I really wonder if, in his emphasis on praying for healing as part of evangelism, he was putting the cart before the horse. And this was someone who was genuinely saved out of a very non-Christian life.

    Anyway I wonder if you could offer a more realistic view of the man and his ministry. I think that by the time he died, he’d realised that an emphasis on praying for healing as a work accompanying the Gospel could only take one so far.

  • E.K.Davis says:

    Hi Justin,
    We were able to hear you speak in Wichita at the Worldview Weekend Rally with Brannon Howse. It was so great to meet you. Your ministry is so vital today. We added your website to our “blogroll”. Keep running the race, you and your family are in our prayers.

  • Ron Johnson says:

    Dear Justin,

    so glad you took some time for rest and relaxation! I see you have a busy schedule this year! We really enjoyed having you come teach us at Mission Point Baptist Church in Stonewall, Louisiana, and hope to have you back in the future. Don’t forget to take time to rest. Blessings to you and your bride!

    Yours In Christ,
    Ron and Michelle Johnson

  • David Kowalski says:

    Thank you so much for the work you are doing! I am an Assemblies of God minister and have taught against the Word Faith movement for many years (around 30). In all this time I have only met one A/G pastor that supports this heretical movement. Wave Nunnally, a highly respected A/G scholar, wrote The Confusing World of Benny Hinn, which I am sure you have read. I have done a great deal of research on the Word Faith movement, and though I have not attended one of your seminars, I can tell from the outline you provide on this site that you are touching on all of the right issues in just the right order. God bless you ministry.