December 2011
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Dear Friends,

I’m so sorry I’ve been so delinquent on my posts.  I will try to be more regular about them.

Things have been going well.  It has been a good year of refreshing with the Lord in His Word and with my wife.  God has been very gracious to us.  I’ve done some traveling and preaching/teaching.  The trip to Ecuador in August was certainly a highlight as was getting to know Brannon Howse as a friend.  I have spoken for him at a couple of Worldview Weekend conferences and have greatly enjoyed those opportunities.

I recently wrote an article on Santa Clause.  Honestly, for far too long my “discernment” had been focused too much on one issue – the Word of Faith / Prosperity gospel.  Discernment, however, should encompass far more than that.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much committed to this area and am just as passionate, if not more so, than ever before.  It’s just that I’m also trying to exercise discernment in other areas as well.  One of these, believe it or not, is Santa Claus.  In short, Santa is a problem for the discerning Christian – or at least should be in my estimation.  As you will read in the article, it was not until this past year that I really thought through Santa from a biblical perspective.  I submit to you the following article for your consideration.  Just click on “Santa Pause” below:

Blessings to you and yours,






Santa Pause


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7 Responses to Santa Pause

  • Amy says:

    Thank you Justin for this article. The past couple of years we have been rethinking Santa Clause. This year we adopted three children ages 9, 3, and 1 and we decided that Santa had to go. We didn’t want to lie to the kids and also, what would we tell them? “Santa doesn’t visit Colombian children, only American?” We felt that we need to make sure that they understand what we tell them about Jesus and that they would never have to doubt what we tell them. I had never thought about him sharing the same attributes as God but I tell you, since getting rid of him I have noticed how he has totally taken over the holiday that is supposed to remind us about the birth of Christ! It’s glaringly obvious that Christ is being replaced in the world by Santa. Thanks for your honesty and for loving others enough to share what God is placing on your hearts. We thoroughly enjoyed your “Call for Discernment” video and hope to see you in person sometime. Blessings.

  • Hi Justin

    Great article. I say “amen” to everything you wrote. You are completely spot on!

    You have addressed the main points and the major concerns very well. If I wrote an article on this I would have concentrated on those very same issues, especially regarding to what Paul said to the Corinthians in 1 Cor 10 and in 2 Cor 6. There are other things (minor points) you could have said, but the major things HAVE been said.

    For example, I could mention how the Illuminati/Masons have used Santa to dupe the world away from pure Christianity. Even the very name santa claus could be an attempt to blind our eyes away from who santa really is, i.e. an anagram santa = satan and claus = lucas (a derivative of “Lucifer”).

    The Coca Cola Company hijacked santa around the mid 1900’s in a coca cola advertising campaign. That is quite telling because coca cola is controlled by the Masons and has as its symbols the masonic “all seeing eye” with the (masonic) owl hand gesture shown above the “eye”. So why has coca cola hijacked santa?

    I was considering writing an article challenging Christians to stop compromising their pure Christian beliefs at Christmas time and consider taking a stand against the godless traditions/satanic symbolisms. I am too late to publish it this year, but intend to put something together for next year. I hope you don’t mind if I use your material next year? Why is it that Christians cease to be Bible Christians at Christmas time?

    I wanted to show how Christians are actually condoning and actively spreading the lie by NOT MAKING A STAND or saying anything and especially if they do the very same things. The Bible has some sharp words to say about those who preach against pagan activities and yet still participate in them. For example Romans 2. Paul tells us “do not be CONFORMED to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your minds”. We are also told to “do not participate in the unfruitful works of darkness but instead expose them” Ephesians 5:11. As Justin has shown, the practice of Christmas is one of those unfruitful works of darkness.

    It was the Catholic church who introduced “Christmas” celebrations but not until the 4th or 5th century AD. The early church (whom we should all seek to emulate had NOTHING to do with the pagan Roman festival of Saturnalia of the god Mithras (a latter name representing Nimrod and Baal worship). The early church did not celebrate the birth of Jesus – NEITHER SHOULD WE as celebrating birthdays was a pagan expression of recognising the birth dates of the gods.

  • For Your Information, Help and Advice on this Article:

    The article written by Justin can be found on a WORD document. It has to be downloaded via your “download” facility. It is not easy to find. I found it by determination by clicking on all the icons. Eventually I found it. It is well worth the effort in pursuing after it because the article is extremely good and very insightful.

    Basically you need to keep on clicking on ALL the “Santa Pause” icons UNTIL you find the WORD document download. To save you time, this following link will download the WORD file (after clicking, please check your download facility or the bottom of your screen) for the document.

  • Hi Justin,
    I am a new fan. God is really using you to expose the false prophets in the Word of Faith movement. I never really paid that much attention to them, but am thankful for your studying in that area. God uses us all for different purposes and he is definitely using you. Thank You. Our children are too old now for Santa Claus, but this past year we really took a stand against “Christmas”. This is the first year we did not put up a tree. You should also do some research on the tree and its significance. Jeremiam 10:3,4 talks about this and in Deuteronomy God says do not worship me the way they worship their gods, talking of the false religions and idolatry. It all boils down to giving someone else the worship and glory that is due God. March on Christian soldier and God Bless You.

  • Winnie says:

    Why isn’t there an option for sharing via the social media sites on your website? There’s only for printing, reading and emailing. Consider putting that up it’s fast and convenient. Helps in spreading the word more.

  • Benita says:

    I agree with what your saying and appreciate all you do for the glory of God. I do have a question and don’t know how to send an email other than this. I am watching the ” a call for discernment” videos on youtube and I am looking for the tapes he uses on the WOF teaches? I am witnessing to someone deeply involved and would like the links to quotes he uses from Gloria copeland ect.. thanks!

  • Zada Dahlen says:

    I believe what you posted was actually very logical. But, think on this, suppose you were to write a awesome headline? I mean, I don’t wish to tell you how to run your website, but what if you added something that grabbed a person’s attention? I mean Santa Pause is a little vanilla. You ought to glance at Yahoo’s home page and watch how they create post titles to grab people to click. You might add a related video or a related pic or two to get readers excited about what you’ve written. In my opinion, it might bring your blog a little livelier.