May 2012
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Well, so much for my promise to be better about updates.  I sincerely apologize.  I could offer a number of excuses including being super busy, traveling, preaching, studying, enjoying the blessings of marriage, plain ‘ol procrastination, and misplacing my username to actually get into my blog in the first place (organization is not, I freely admit, my area of strength).  All of these are true in and of thesmelves, but not none in and of itself is sufficient. Nor are they, for that matter, sufficient even in their totality.  So, I do offer my sincere apologies.

With the unpleasantries now dispacthed, I would like to update you on the last five months or so.  The year began with me teaching a class at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on the Word-Faith movement.  It was a wonderful opportunity for which I was very thankful.  The class was structured to be 4 hours per day for two weeks.  I assigned papers to write, two research and one reflective paper in which the student was required to attend a Word-Faith service in the DFW area and write of his theological and personal reflections/observations, and also administered a final exam.  This was my first opportunity to teach at the seminary level and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We had wonderful (and challenging) class discussion and all of the students seemed very interested and engaged.  They were great guys and I respect each of them.  If no one else benefitted from the class, I know that I certainly did.  Lord willing, I will teach it again in two years.

The past 5 months have also been busy with the preaching/teaching of my seminar, A Call for Discernment.  Kathy and I have been in TX, WI, MT, CO, KS, AL, GA, TN and  I had a wonderful two week preaching trip to England.  In addition to speaking in churches, I have also had the privilege to be invited by Brannon Howse to speak at some of his Worldview Weekend Conferences.  Brannon has become a dear friend and courageously engages a wide range of false doctrines which are wreaking havoc in so many churches.  He has taken quite a bit of criticism and “friendly fire” for doing so.  His fidelity, though, is not to the “Good Ole Boys Club” but rather to the Good Book.  If you are not already familiar with his ministry, please do yourself the favor of becoming so at You will find a wealth of very helpful and informative resources.

The next big thing on the calendar is my upcoming trip to South Africa.  I will be going with one of my very best friends, JD Harrison, who pastors First Baptist Church in Anderson, Alabama.  We will both be preaching and teaching in a number of cities throughout the country over the next three weeks.  Lord willing we will also be doing some open-air preaching.  We are both excited and humbled by this opportunity.  Your prayers for us and our families as we are away are coveted.

So, the first half of 2012 has been very good and very beneficial in many ways.  Kathy and I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and make some new friends.  I’ve received a tremendous amount of encouraging feedback from people all over the world.  A few people have responded angrily but that is to be expected. The washing of God’s Word has been personally profitable and, at times, painful.  This, too, we should expect.

Thank you so much for your interest, concern, feedback, and prayers.  I will try to post something from South Africa.