August 2017
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The Board of Directors for Justin Peters Ministries consists of Michael Miller and Jim Osman. Both of us are elders in our respective churches and work to oversee the ministry of Justin Peters.


We have watched as Brannon Howse has publicly and repeatedly misrepresented and lied about Justin’s position regarding the White-Quadi Dialogue. Justin has intentionally remained silent concerning his own view of the dialogue and has not mentioned Brannon on social media since Justin has no desire to speak ill of Brannon Howse or his ministry. The concerns that Justin has raised to Brannon regard the tone with which those on both sides of this issue have criticized the other. It seems that any critique of Brannon’s tone is regarded by him as a full-throated defense of ALL interfaith dialogues (IFD), a complete compromise of the gospel, and a demonically inspired capitulation to Islam. Brannon will countenance no dissent regarding what he has said or even how he has said it.


Both Mike Miller and Jim Osman read the letters that Justin sent to Brannon Howse and offered critiques and input – which was humbly received by Justin – before those letters were sent. There is much correspondence, texts and emails, which have been exchanged in recent months that is not public. The nature and content of those letters from Justin have been grossly misrepresented. We have seen all of the correspondence between Brannon and Justin. If Brannon continues to lie against, slander, and defame Justin’s character, we can release all of the correspondence to the public so that the record may be set straight and the truth fully known.


Many who have emailed this ministry to express their disappointment in Justin’s position regarding the White-Quadi Dialogue do not know how Justin feels about this issue. He has made no public statement regarding support or opposition until this last weekend during a session at the Judge Not Conference. Those who have expressed anger at Justin’s “compromise” and “cowardice” have done so based only on what they have heard from Brannon Howse.


Brannon Howse has claimed that Justin is a “James White defender,” a compromiser, and a “Good Old Boys Club Groupie.” He has publicly called Justin a goat, a hypocrite, and a respecter of persons. Though these comments may have also been in reference to others such as Mike Abendroth whom Brannon also released from his network, they certainly include Justin. We know this given the timing of these tweets from Brannon and the timing of the letters Justin sent to him. Brannon has even publicly told people to withhold financial support from Justin’s ministry. This is especially grievous given that Justin travels to many Third World countries to preach, teach, and equip pastors at his own expense.


Justin has been called a coward because he has expressed his concerns with how the criticisms of James White have been handled. In truth, Justin Peters publicly stood face to face with Todd Bentley and called him out as a false teacher, a false prophet, and a charlatan. This while surrounded by Bentley supporters. Justin was physically escorted out of the building by two men. He has confronted false teachers to their face, preached the gospel in hostile countries around the world, and shared the gospel with Muslims both in the United States and abroad. Justin is the same man today as he was then. A compromiser? No! A coward? Certainly not!


Brannon has also claimed that Justin is a respecter of persons in that he will confront a false teacher but not a man regarded to be doctrinally sound who is in error. We know Justin and know this to be factually untrue. The fact that Justin is being slandered by Brannon Howse is evidence that he is NOT a respecter of persons. That is what got Justin into this controversy to begin with. Justin had to bring a godly correction to Brannon, even knowing that he might not take it well, and that his response, if negative, could harm Justin’s ministry, work, and reputation. Justin knew that even the mildest correction offered to Brannon could cost him dearly, given Brannon’s large public platform and his prolific use of social media to disparage those with whom he disagrees. If Justin were a respecter of persons, Brannon would be the LAST person he would have dared confront. In fact, Brannon’s correspondence to Justin shows that he expected Justin to treat him differently because Justin’s ministry has been helped by Worldview Weekend (WVW). Brannon Howse has decided that he will tolerate no reservations regarding his conduct in this issue. He has pulled both Justin Peters and Mike Abendroth from the WVW network.


If anyone doubts how one-sided this public dispute has been, we invite people to compare Justin’s Twitter page to that of Brannon Howse’s since the controversy erupted in June. You will not find one reference to Brannon or WVW by name. The contrast is a stark one.

Do you really believe that Justin Peters is a coward, a compromiser, and an undiscerning supporter of Islam? If you believe what Brannon Howse has said regarding Justin, you do not know Justin.


The Board of Directors for Justin Peters Ministries steadfastly stand behind Justin. He has conducted himself as a man under the authority of a Board of Directors and the eldership of his home church. He has graciously, lovingly, and gently sought to promote peace in the body of Christ, love in the pursuit of truth, and grace in confronting error. For this, he has been maliciously slandered by men who are careless with the truth.



Board Members,


Michael Miller

Pastor, Grace Family Bible Church

Sand Springs, OK


Jim Osman

Pastor, Kootenai Community Church

Kootenai, ID