December 2017
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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

From time to time I get emails asking me for the article I wrote on Santa. Given that that time of the year is upon us (It seems like we just had Christmas a few weeks ago, but I digress) once again, I thought I would post my article. This article was written 6 years ago and though I would add a bit to it today were I to write it again, I would not change anything already written.

Interestingly, one individual recently made some rather snarky and ill-informed comments on social media regarding this article and me personally saying that I assert that “Santa can spell Satan.” Well, rearrange the letters and, yes, that is factually true but it is also absolutely meaningless and never appears in my article. I think I am above such sophomoric argumentation and reasoning though the one accusing me apparently is not. Oh well.

The article discusses the history of Santa (which is darker than most imagine) and the theological reasons Santa deserves a critical eye. The concerns are not primarily about how Santa affects children, but how Santa affects, so to speak, God. What does God think about Santa? So, I invite you to read this article with Bible open and we will see there to be ample reason we should give pause to Mr. Claus.

Merry Christmas to all,


Click here to read the Santa Pause article