April 2020
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Justin Peters Ministries offers to evangelical Christians a vital service — a plan for restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation. The contemporary challenges of fragmented cultural relativism have invaded many of our churches; and, coupled with the advent of hucksters who offer a counterfeit gospel (that is really no good news), local churches are at a loss about how to get their members back on track. Follow Justin Peters through his riveting preaching, clear presentation of the gospel in every service, and seminar presentations that yield rich benefits to the people in your churches. One will be amazed to see “the lights coming on” in the understanding of the attendees at his engaging preaching and teaching sessions. Justin Peters offers sound doctrinal purity and compassion in abundance. Here is a ministry that takes us to the center of things in this confusing era. In a word, Justin Peters’ call for discernment prepares Christians to develop and exercise spiritual discernment themselves, with incalculable benefits to believers today and for the generations following.

Dr. Berry Driver
Dean of Libraries, SWBTS
Fort Worth, TX

Someone in the business world might say Justin Peters has found a ‘niche in the market.’ As a pastor, I say God has given Justin a very unique and much needed ministry. As far as I know, very few – if any – in Baptist circles are addressing this issue of the so-called ‘Health and Wealth’ gospel. Yet many, if not most, have been affected by these ‘preachers’ in some way, either personally or through family or friends. The best words I know to describe Justin’s seminar include ‘thorough,’ ‘well-planned,’ ‘well- documented,’ and ‘relevant.’ Those who have a disability, or know someone personally who has a disability, will certainly be enlightened and encouraged. Those who do not have a disability or a particular illness will be inspired by Justin’s spirit, demeanor, and knowledge concerning the subject of the Word of Faith movement.

J.D. Harrison
Pastor, First Baptist Church
Anderson, AL

The dangers of the Word of Faith Movement are as real as they are pervasive. The message from thousands of pulpits is that God wants you to be happy, healthy, and rich. But this is not biblical Christianity, as Justin Peters so adequately demonstrates in his exceptional presentation. With clarity and credibility, Peters exposes the Word of Faith Movement for what it really is—a farce. Local churches will benefit greatly from his personal experience and vast research on this important topic.

Dr. John MacArthur
Pastor, Grace Community Church
Sun Valley, CA


The example of the discerning Bereans (Acts 17:11), who even wanted to confirm that the preaching of an apostle accorded with Scripture before receiving it, is a timely warning to Christians in the 21st Century.

No one with even the most rudimentary knowledge of Scripture can fail to be appalled by the utter nonsense being propagated by the Word of Faith or Prosperity Gospel celebrities, whose shows dominate “Christian” television. Tragically numerous people are walking the road to perdition by trusting the false gospel of these charlatans, rather than being obedient to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I urge all Christians to attend one of Justin Peters’ “A Call for Discernment” seminars which are being used of God to rescue many from error & apostasy.

The Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust have been privileged to partner with Justin Peters during his ministry visits to the U.K & Europe.

D. Paul Mitchell
Director – MLJ Trust
Great Britain