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book justinI accept invitations on a first-call, first-serve basis regardless of the size of the church. I try to limit my time on the road to roughly a third of the Sundays in a year (give or take). I do this because even though I am an evangelist and so must - by the definition and the nature of the task - travel, I also strongly believe that every ministry must be tied to a local body of believers. I do not want to be one of these evangelists who is rarely at his church. That is not healthy on any level. I want to be a part of the life of my local church, I want to be able to contribute as much as I can, and I also want and need that accountability.

When I come to your church, I pledge to preach and teach God’s Word to the very best of my knowledge and ability. That is my highest priority. Next to that, though, I want to come and help to “hold up the hands” (to borrow from Exodus 17) of the pastor and elders of the church. I have a tremendous heart for all of our faithful shepherds out there, most of whom labor away in anonymity. I want to come alongside what they are already teaching and lend them support.

While at your church, please feel complete liberty to put me to work. I will speak as often as you would like me to speak both in the church and in any other outside events or engagements. If you would like me to visit a shut-in or someone in your church who is sick, please let me know. I love those times and I am always the one who is blessed and encouraged.  

On a lighter note, many pastors who invite me to come ask me if I have any dietary preferences or restrictions. I will pretty much eat anything (and have!) so no worries on that front. Ok, maybe one worry: liver. I won’t eat liver. Other than that, no worries. Ok, one more worry: Balut. I have been to the Philippines twice (and hope to go again!) but I just can’t do it. I’m not that spiritual ☺ (Love to my Filipino brethren, though!)

The seminar may not be filmed and put up on YouTube or any other social media site. 

Please read the full details outlining Format, Lodging, Expenses, Compensation, Technological/Set-Up Needs, Music, Q&A Time.

The most common format for my Clouds Without Water (CWW) seminar is a Sunday morning through Tuesday night. I prefer to do exposition for the Sunday morning service and then begin CWW late that afternoon or evening. CWW is comprised of 4 sessions: An introductory session, The Duty of Discernment (app. 60 minutes) and then three primary sessions (Dangerous Doctrines, Mangled Manifestations and The Hurt of Healing) each are approximately 80-90 minutes in length.  

If you email me and I do not respond within a day or two at the most, please email (or call) me again.  We are often on the road and sometimes I miss emails.  I will readily confess that I am not the most organized person in the world.  You will not be bugging me – I promise.  Kathy and I will be looking forward to our time of worship with you together.

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