April 2020
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Justin Peters Ministries

P.O. Box 517
Sandpoint, ID 83864

Telephone: (405) 509-9345

Email: justin@justinpeters.org

Philosophy: I accept invitations on a first-call, first-serve basis regardless of the size of church.  I will come and preach the truth of God’s Word to the very best of my knowledge and ability.  I will not, as some evangelists unfortunately are prone to do, manipulate people’s emotions to elicit either “decisions” or giving.  I am committed to exegetical, expositional preaching and do not believe God’s Word needs our help to mke it “relevant.”  Whether they admit it or not, preachers and evangelists who feel the need to use gimmicks or sappy/funny/tear jerking/woe-is-me stories to impact people or to meet their “felt needs” are ashamed of the Gospel and reject both its power and sufficiency.  There, I said it.

Dates: The most common format of my seminars in a church has been from Sunday morning through Tuesday night.  Beginning in 2016, however, I would like to modify this a bit.  Though beginning on a Sunday morning certainly has its advantages given that the normal Sunday morning crowd is already assembled, it is also, I think, unhealthy.  I believe that the Sunday morning service, with rare exception, should feature expositional preaching.  Though my seminar is thoroughly doctrinal, it is not true exposition.  I love to do exposition, but it is not in and of itself expositional.  Also, beginning on a Sunday morning necessitates me flying or driving out on a Saturday night which means I am away from my home church, Kootenai Community Church.  I want to be at my home church on Sunday mornings as much as possible.  I believe that this is important both for the body and for me and my wife.  God has called me into a ministry of evangelism but I still want to be, should be, and need to be at my home church as much as possible.  So, I would like to ask that beginning in 2016 that my seminars/preaching be scheduled for weekday nights.  Clouds Without Water can be scheduled from Monday through either Wednesday or Thursday nights.  I have done this format previously and it has actually worked out quite well.  Doing the seminar on weekday nights will also allow for other churches in the area to participate.  International trips (of which I usually do 3-5 per year) are a different story.  On international speaking engagements, being away on a Sunday (or even two) is necessary.  That is ok.  No worries.  However, if possible, on domestic trips I would really prefer to be able to worship here at KCC and then head to the airport Sunday afternoon.  This is not to say that I can never be away on a Sunday – just that it is not my first choice and I would like to limit these occasions.  If you would like me to be at your church on Sunday morning, my preference is to preach an expositional sermon and then begin Clouds Without Water that evening.  Thank you for your understanding in this.

Lodging:  Kathy and I normally stay in a hotel when preaching [ok, she doesn’t preach – just me.  That would be awkward.  And unbiblical – sorry, liberal, mainline denominations and (most) charismatics…and even some Baptists who have women come in and preach at misguided community ecumenical services – but I digress] at a church.  It need not be a fancy hotel – no need for chocolates on the pillows.  The only request is that, if possible, a handicapped room be specified in booking the reservation.  If a hotel is too much of a financial burden for the church then I can stay with a family in their home but these arrangements are sometimes difficult for me because of the shower situation, stairs, etc.

Expenses:  It would be of great help if the church or conference organizer could reimburse us for travel expenses.  If driving, mileage reimbursement and if flying air fare with an additional $170 which will cover my mileage round-trip to Spokane, bag fee, minimal food and parking for my truck at the airport while away.  If driving and we have other churches or conferences scheduled before or after yours, those expenses can be shared.  If flying I will purchase the ticket myself and can be reimbursed later by the church.  No need to send money ahead of time.  I will look for the best deal I can find and economy class will do just fine.

Compensation:  I do not have a set fee for coming and preaching.  Something about saying, “I will not come and preach the Gospel to your congregation unless you gaurantee me ‘X’ amount of dollars,” well, just doesn’t set right with me.  Ok, I think it’s really narcissistic and just plain wrong.  That having been said, traveling and preaching is, in large part, how this ministry is supported financially.  Normally, churches take up a love offering and whatever that turns out to be is perfectly fine.

Technological/Set-Up Needs:  If I am coming to do the seminar, Clouds Without Water, I will need to run the presentation from my laptop on stage.  Unfortunately, the presentation is too large and complex to put on a thumb drive and have someone in the sound booth in the back advance the slides for me.  I’ll have to run it from my laptop.  Sooo, I’ll need to patch my laptop into the church’s projector as well as the audio cable into a mic jack for sound.  I will need a table just large enough for my laptop and Bible and a chair (preferably one that is height adjustable and without arms), in which to sit.  Also, if we could have a table somewhere in the church to set up our resources to make available for people that would be great.

Music:  Given that the Introductory Session, the Duty of Discernment, is right at an hour in length and each of the 3 primary sessions is about 90 minutes, there is really no need for a lengthy music portion of the services – particularly for the primary sessions.  For these, sometimes a hymn is sung right at the start but that’s usually about it.  I leave this up to the pastor, though.

Q&A Time:  One of my favorite parts of doing my seminars is having time for Q&A.  People really seem to enjoy it as well.  Experience has taught me, however, that just opening up the floor to whoever wants to ask a question can be a bit risky.  99% of the questions are sincere and good questions that I am always happy to answer.  Every once in a while, though, somebody will ask a really off-the-wall question (someone once asked me, “Who is more talented – Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, or the Pope?”  To this day I don’t even know what that means.) question or use their time with the microphone to wax eloquent about his or her pet peeve about this or that.  The best way to handle the Q&A is to have people simply write down their questions on a piece of paper.  These questions can then be collected and I will read and answer them to the best of my ability.

P.S. – If you email me and I do not respond within a day or two at the most, please email (or call) me again.  We are often on the road and sometimes I miss emails.  I will readily confess that I am not the most organized person in the world.  You will not be bugging me – I promise.  Kathy and I will be looking forward to our time of worship with you together.