USB Flash Drive


This 16 GB flash drive comes with a very convenient magnetic cap and contains a considerable amount of teaching. Included are the following audio series

  • Perfections (Attributes) of God – A study of both the communicable and incommunicable attributes of God.
  • Cessationism vs. Continuism – Do the Apostolic gifts such as tongues, interpretation of tongues, and physical healing continue today?
  • Costi Hinn Interviews – Nine of my radio programs in which Costi Hinn gives his testimony about how God saved him out of the Word-Faith heresy. These programs will greatly encourage you.
  • Hearing from Heaven – How can we know God’s voice? How does He speak and not speak today?
  • Personhood and Deity of the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit is not a force nor an “it.” He is a Person and He is God.
  • Spiritual Warfare with Jim Osman – Must we bind and rebuke Satan, break generational curses, and be praying hedges of protection?
  • The Shack – This is a review of the book and movie by William Paul Young. I also review his book “Lies we Believe About God.”
  • Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby – This is a review my pastor, Jim Osman, and I did on this enormously popular book by Henry Blackaby.
  • Witnessing to the Witnesses – Hear a live witnessing encounter I had with two Jehovah’s Witnesses. You will hear their arguments and learn how to answer them biblically the next time they knock on your door.
  • Sunday Sermons – This is a collection of several expository sermons I have preached over the past few years.

There are over 140 individual messages on this Flash Drive with almost 10 gigs of space still free.


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Dimensions 9.5 × 12.5 in