February 2017
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The STORE IS BACK UP!!  After a longer hiatus than expected, all of our resources are available once again!  We are no longer living in our RV and Kathy has all of our stuff unpacked and ready to go.


Clouds Without Water

This is the updated version of the seminar formerly entitled “A Call for Discernment.” It includes new false teachers with new and updated material. Also included are an FAQ section and a section on commonly misinterpreted scriptures.  2 disc DVD set comprising about 7 hours of material.  Chapter divisions are included for easy navigation. $20


Nubes Sin Agua

This is “Clouds Without Water” that is both subtitled and translated into Spanish. All that is in “Clouds” is in here. This is a
work long in the making and my sincere thanks goes to HeartCry Missionary Society for doing the heavy lifting on this project.  If you are not familiar with HeartCry, please do check out their website.

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Overview DVD

This is a 50 minute overview of Clouds Without Water. $5


Do Not Hinder Them – A Biblical Examination of Childhood Conversion

Forward by Dr. John MacArthur

Jesus said, “Permit the children to come to Me and do not hinder them; for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Mark 10:14). Is this a verse in support of baptizing children who make a profession of faith in Christ as most evangelicals have supposed? If it is, why is it that so many of the children we baptize grow up to show little if any fruit of having been genuinely converted? Why do so many walk away from Christianity once they gain independence from the home? In Do Not Hinder Them, author and evangelist Justin Peters presents a compelling biblical case that both the nature of children and the nature of salvation warrant extreme caution before we baptize children who have made intellectual assent to the basics of the Gospel. Do Not Hinder Them encourages parents to teach their children the Gospel but also provides strong biblical and theological reasons to wait until they are older before following through with baptism.  Book is 114 pages  Order here



Spritual Warfare (6 CD Set)

According to the modern “experts,” in order to do Spiritual Warfare one
must bind and rebuke Satan, cast out demons, perform spiritual mapping and
break generational curses. But is this biblical? In this series, host
Justin Peters and guest Pastor Jim Osman, discuss these practices and
present a biblical approach to spiritual Warfare – one centered around the
proclamation of truth rather than the procurement of territory. These
interviews cover some of the content of Pastor Osman’s new book, Truth or
Territory: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare

Each set contains 12 half-hour interviews on 6 CDs.

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Truth or Territory

A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare

This is the *Truth or Territory: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare*
book. It is the print form of the CD set above. The book has some
information not found in the CD set and vice versa. This is an excellent
in-depth 227 page resource complete with endnotes that you can reference
quickly. I was honored to write the Foreword. $16


Discernment Mini-Pack (now 4 articles included)

This is a spiral bound collection of 4 articles I have written. The first documents the heresies found within one of the most popular Bible versions on the market today known as “The Message.” The second is entitled “Your Best Afterlife Now” which is a critique of three of the most popular I’ve been to Heaven/Hell and want to tell you all about it genres. Included are Don Piper’s “90 Minutes in Heaven,” Bill Weise’s “23 Minutes in Hell” and Todd and Colton Burpo’s “Heaven is for Real.” The third article is a review of the Roma Downey/Mark Burkett movie “Son of God.”  The final article, “Santa Pause,” gives a biblical perspective on Santa Clause and whether we should think twice before teaching him to our children. $10



Back in stock!

$1 million dollar bill Gospel tracts with a caricature of Joel Osteen on the front. A full Gospel presentation is on the backside. 100 tracts/pack. $5



On the front is the ministry logo and on the back is the statement, “Want to hear God speak to you? Read your Bible.  Want to hear God speak audibly?  Read it out loud!”

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Ladies T-Shirts

These are ladies cut T-Shirts available in either Lite Pink, Mint Green or
Sapphire Blue. Logo on front, quote on back as with the black shirts.

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Bumper Stickers

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3 sets of Clouds Without Water – Save $10


– $50


DVD + Overview – Save $2.

– $23


DVD + Discernment Mini-Pack -Save $5

– $25


DVD + Mini-Pack + Tracts – Save $8


– $37


DVD + Mini-Pack +  Tracts + T-Shirt – Save $11

– $49


Shipping & Handling: After reviewing our S&H expenses, we have found it necessary to increase S&H charges for combo packs on both domestic and international orders. We truly do regret this increase but we are losing considerable money on orders of multiple items – especially so for international orders. Unfortunately, international shipping is just expensive any way you slice it. Even with the increase we will still be losing money on S&H but this will ease the loss a bit. If you are an international customer and this increase is too burdensome for you, please email me and we will get something worked out.Thank you for your understanding ~ Justin Peters